Meet The Performers of MsChiefmaker Haven



Puck, the president and founder of MsChiefmaker Haven Productions, was the featured model in MsChiefmaker Haven greeting cards from December of 2002 through July of 2004. A highly evolved mystic, muse and composer, his face has been reputed to impart spiritual and emotional healing to those who view it. Puck has been King of MsChiefmaker Haven since July 2002. Although he transitioned on July 31, 2004, Puck Eternal still conducts all the MsChiefmaker Haven activities from above in MsChiefmaker Heaven. A postage stamp was recently created in his honor.
Tehuti Menuhin joined MsChiefmaker Haven in April of 2005, to be a friend for Nicolini, who was suffering from loneliness after living solo in his bachelor pad since being rejected by the dying diva Pleiades. After a rather feisty intro, the two settled in well and have since become great friends and musical partners. Tehuti made his debut with MsChiefmaker Haven, playing the Navy Seal in the Memorial Day greeting of 2005.

Nicolini so graciously joined MsChiefmaker Haven in February 2005 to be a boyfriend for Pleiades after she lost her life mate Peaseblossom. His love for Pleiades was so great that he had a vasectomy in order to be with her, but, alas, his sacrifice was in vain, for Pleiades rejected his love because of her failing health. A very progressive and sensitive male, Nicolini was not only willing to take full responsibility for birth control, he was also open to older women (he was 1/15th her age!) Named after the great Italian castrato opera singer, the Amazing Nicolini exhibits great promise in the wheel and is expected to have a lovely yet powerful voice in the company. After Pleiades returned to the Seven Sisters in the sky, Nicolini partnered up with a young virtuoso named Tehuti Menuhin with whom he hopes to perform in many concerts.

Aengus arrived at MsChiefmaker Haven in early December 2004 to console Apollo after he lost his dear friend Palahad. Rescued from being snake feed, this former runt is named after the Celtic god of love. Despite his small size and past circumstances, he is the most docile little one at MsChiefmaker Haven and will even sit still in human hands. Aengus recently starred in the Halloween thriller "Spiderween", playing the leading role of Little Mr. Biehl.



Adonis is the newest hamster at MsChiefmaker Haven, having arrived on October 2, 2004. When Phoebe's death opened a new spot at MsChiefmaker Haven, the troupe's agent visited Petco in search of new talent and was captivated by the star-like quality of his sweet face. Despite having bloody hind paws, a nipped ear and a bite in his back, he was running away at the wheel. He also demonstrated his innate sweetness by sitting perfectly still in the talent agent's hand, a very uncommon feat for dwarf hamsters. Adonis now plays all the leading hamster roles in all of MsChiefmaker Haven's productions, including such theatrical gems as "Scary Halloween" and "Happy Thanksgiving 2004", in which he played Peaseblossom's rather exotic Thanksgiving dinner guest.

In Memory of Past Performers of MsChiefmaker Haven:

Apollo joined MsChiefmaker Haven in August of 2003. He graciously left his mother and father, Beauty and Bernie of Gary's Gerbils, to become a playmate for Palahad, who was grieving the loss of his former tankmate Prancelot. Born of noble lineage, his uncle, Awesome, won "Best In Show" in AGS's Second Annual New England Show. The sweetest and most people-friendly of all the gerbils in the clan, he had quite lucrative career with MsChiefmaker Haven Productions, including being featured in the Memorial Day Greeting for 2004, and starring in several exciting videos with his former tankmate Palahad. He recently played a cameo role in the Halloween thriller "Spiderween", starring his new little buddy. Apollo became ill with respiratory problems in March of 2006, and three weeks later died of a stroke.
Pleiades joined MsChiefmaker Haven in December of 2002. Like Pyke and Palahad, she was a former member of NYC Borough Gerbils, who signed on with MsChiefmaker Haven Productions in order to befriend a gerbil in need. In an feat that amazed even members of the American Gerbil Society, she was easily introduced to Peaseblossom in less than four days. Here she is, as pictured in a publicity shot for her performance of "Gobblin' Goblins", which was released in Halloween of 2003. Other performances include the videos "Paws" and "Pandora's Box", both of which she performed with Peaseblossom, as well as supporting roles in "Scary Halloween" and "Happy thanksgiving 2004". After losing her dear friend Peaseblossom, Pleiades became a recluse as her health declined from kidney and liver failure, until her death in April of 2005.

Peaseblossom was an active performer with MsChiefmaker Haven Productions from November 2002 until January 2005. Too waif-like to model when she first joined the troupe, Puck still saw the promise of her sprite-like spirit in the glint of her eye. As was anticipated, Peaseblossom blossomed into the fairest fairy in the haven. The lovely soubrette made her dance debut with her tankmate Pleiades in a special performance of the Halloween piece "Gobblin' Goblins". The two vixens also starred in the thriller "Paws" and in the ballet "Pandora's Box." Peaseblossom was also the star of the troupe's Happy Thanksgiving greeting in in 2004, just months before she died of congestive heart failure on January 28, 2005.
Palahad, a devilish spotted agouti joined MsChiefmaker Haven in September of 2002, to be a pal for Prancelot, who was in a state of deep depression as he recovered from serious injuries he suffered at the pet store. At the time, Palahad and his brother Pyke agreed to part so that they could bring joy into the lives of other gerbils in need of friendship and love. After the passing of his dearly beloved friend Prancelot, Palahad lived with his little buddy, Apollo. His claim to fame is his performance in the one-gerbil thriller "Living on the Edge". He was also featured in several other films and projects with his buddy Apollo. In December of 2004, Palahad joined Prancelot in MsChiefmaker Heaven after a long bout of pneumonia.
Phoebe arrived at MsChiefmaker Haven two days before Christmas in the year 2002, with injuries similar to those of her brother, the dearly departed Tiresius Rex. She quickly recovered, and, despite being the smallest of all the wee ones at MsChiefmaker Haven, this little fireball certainly knew how to fend for herself! The most fiery of all the animals at MsChiefmaker Haven, she was the true love of Phoenix, with whom she starred in the classic "Ode to Phoebe". Phoebe won second place in the 2003 Pet Rescue Christmas Photo Competition, for her saucy portrayal of a cagedancer. Despite her failing health and depression while mourning Phoenix's death, she was featured in the Haven's Mother's Day 2004 Greeting. Phoebe finally joined Phoenix in Heaven on October 2, 2004.



Pyke joined MsChiefmaker Haven in September of 2002, in order to provide companionship and solace to Pan, who was suffering from a spell of mania after having been unfairly sent into solitary confinement at the pet store. Pyke was of noble birth, formerly a member of NYC Borough Gerbils, and was the grandson of a prize-winning AGS gerbil. His royal lineage was most apparent in his beautifully mottled coat. The most introspective of MsChiefmaker Haven, Pyke spent much of his time in a meditative trance, acting as a source of divine inspiration and healing for the other members of the clan. He joined his little buddy Pan in June of 2004 after a battle with cancer .
Pan was a member of MsChiefmaker Haven from August of 2002 to June of 2004. Previously the reigning boxing champion and Casanova at the pet store, Pan lived in a cozy ten gallon tank with his mottled agouti friend Pyke. Known for his roguish mischief and impish grin, Pan was also the father of four beautiful sons, two of whom are professional acrobats, and one daughter. His wife, Phoebe, of Knolls Gerbils, was an award-winning model and artist who was featured in several well known newspapers. The two are now married in heaven.
Phoenix spent two seasons with MsChiefmaker Haven. This little cutie joined the troupe, soon after being abandoned at a nearby pet store, where he was left for dead with a respiratory infection. He outlived the term of his original contract with MsChiefmaker Haven Productions, but, like the Phoenix of Egyptian myth, continued to live on, despite an ongoing battle with epilepsy and respiratory problems. Because of his difficult past, he was well suited for the more melodramatic roles, which he portrayed with an emotional depth unmatched by the other members of the troupe. Phoenix was enamored with Phoebe, from a distance, and delighted in sniffing her bedding. In fact, during his final moments, he sniffed her bedding, gasped, and uttered a sigh of relief, as his spirit ascended into heaven. He is now reunited with Phoebe in heaven, where they now are allowed to sleep together at long last!



Prancelot was a leading performer at MsChiefmaker Haven from August of 2002 through August of 2003. Formerly the sweetest gerbil of MsChiefmaker Haven, he died exactly one day after his anniversary with the clan, despite weeks of veterinary treatment. Although he has moved on, he still acts as a muse and writer for MsChiefmaker Haven Productions. Songs that he is currently writing include "Prancelot's Song" and "Song of the Little Lost Loved Ones." Dearly missed by all the members of MsChiefmaker Haven, his little spirit lives on. In the words of William Blake, "For everything exists, and not one sigh, nor smile, nor tear, one hair, nor particle of dust, not one can pass on."





Tiresius Rex was with MsChiefmaker Haven for a brief stint in the fall of 2002. Although his time here was so ephemeral, he made the greatest impact on the welfare of rodent-kind. He single-handedly fueled the fire that changed the corporate policy of an entire chain of pet stores, resulting in the separation by sex of all the animals, which has helped prevent overcrowding and the unnecessary fighting which results from it. Despite his horrible injuries, he fought hard for five weeks, and even returned to life after dying under anesthesia, only to live but one more week. This is the only photo ever taken of the little saint, as we were waiting for him to heal before taking his picture. He was a great source of inspiration for all the little ones at MsChiefmaker Haven, who honored him on his deathbed with an evening of respectful silence. Thank you, Tiresius Rex: we will never forget you.

"Cirque de Folie" composed, performed and recorded by Karen Biehl, copyright 2002 Karen Biehl

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