Eli protested for a turkey-free Thanksgiving, by posing as a turkey
when the hunters came to shoot his friends.

The turkeys rewarded their hero by baking him a cake.

So Eli invited all his friends at MsChiefmaker Haven to a royal
Thanksgiving feast, to thank them for letting him join their kingdom.

Eli's lesson: offer thanks to what you eat.
All animals, great and small, deserve gratitude, respect,
honor, friendship and love.

from MsChiefmaker Haven

Eli's Thanksgiving Journey
Cast and Credits:
The Hero: Eli
Knights of the Thanksgiving Table: Sirs Adonis, Tehuti, Nicolini, Apollo and Aengus
Thanksgiving Feast prepared by Ada Nieves
"Hero's Leitmotif: Eli Battles the Hunters" written, performed and recorded by Karen Biehl
Copyright 2005 Karen Biehl

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